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SEAT Alhambra - Alhambra Driving


One size really does fit all.

When what you need can change in an instant, flexibility’s the thing. Spacious inside and out, you’ve got it.

SEAT Alhambra - Red front view


Taking more on? Look the part.

All the details you’d expect, and some you might not. It’s time to challenge perceptions.

SEAT Alhambra - Children enjoying the sun

Panoramic sunroof

Why not catch some rays?

Let the sunshine in and become a part of your surroundings. It’s not just wide, it’s panoramic.

SEAT Alhambra - Interior layout

Foldable Seats

32 ways to go.

Every family’s different. And every situation too. Now you’ve got a car for all occasions.

SEAT Alhambra - Seat design


Designed for every day.

With all that space, your Alhambra is going to work hard - so we designed the interior to be comfortable, practical and durable.

SEAT Alhambra - Alloy wheel


A new spin

Enhance the bold look of your Alhambra with stylish alloy wheels. Lighter than standard wheels, they’re a popular choice. Great design is in the details.

SEAT Alhambra - Red alhambra parked


You love tech. They love adventure.

Fun, comfort and unlimited convenience. It’s all built into your Alhambra.

SEAT Alhambra - Entertainment system

SEAT Media System Plus

Enjoy the sound.

Full entertainment, whenever the mood strikes. Now every journey is a performance.

SEAT Alhambra - Electric seat controls

Electric seats

Sit back. Relax. This is your time.

12 way adjustable seats with memory function.

SEAT Alhambra - Keyless entry


KESSY Keyless Entry

Walk up. Get in. Get going. The Kessy Keyless System takes the thinking out of moving.

SEAT Alhambra - Rear view camera


Rear View Camera

When parents say they have eyes in the backs of their heads, this is what they mean.

SEAT Alhambra - Rear usb ports


Rear USB ports

Everyone has at least one device nowadays. Now they will always be charged up.

SEAT Alhambra - Electric sliding door

Electric Tailgate & Sliding Doors

Slide to open.

Hop in. Hop out. Your Alhambra’s power doors will keep the family entertained too.

SEAT Alhambra - Children being shown the distance


Be prepared for anything.

More safety and peace of mind. In the Alhambra, key features like Lane Assist, Front Assist and the seat belt reminder for 5 seats come as standard.

SEAT Alhambra - Airbag layout

7 airbags

Safety to the power of seven.

Your airbags. You should never need them, but it’s always good to know they’re there.

SEAT Alhambra - Monitoring display

Tiredness Recognition System

Keeping an eye on you.

Feeling sleepy? Then take a rest. This is always-on safety, there when you need it most.

SEAT Alhambra - Collision detection


Front Assist

If they brake, you’re ready. Never be caught off-guard with Front Assist. This fast-braking technology comes as standard, so you can enjoy the ride.

SEAT Alhambra - Childseat



The ISOFIX anchorage system enables fast and secure mounting of two rear child safety seats. Because your Alhambra is for little ones too.

SEAT Alhambra - Anti swerving prevention system


Multicollision Braking System

This safety-first technology automatically applies the brakes in the unlikely event of a collision, preventing or minimising subsequent collisions.